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Our Service  Times:
 SUNDAY 10:30 am
800 Atlantic City Blvd Suite 2
Bayville, NJ  08721
(732) 914-2041


Questions About Eternity?


Things We Believe:

GOD created the world in 6 days
One GOD 3 aspects: Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Man's sin caused separation from GOD
Final Judgment is eternal separation in Hell
Jesus Christ is GOD in a human body
Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary
Jesus paid our sin judgment on the Cross
Christ died, was in the grave 3 days & rose again
All Who accept Jesus will go to Heaven
Jesus Christ is soon to return for the Church
Church is a group of Christians believers
Baptism is a demonstration of your belief

Still standing on the KING JAMES BIBLE

Pastor Larry Gibbs
Mrs. Cheryl Gibbs


Hello thanks for visiting our site:

My wife and I began serving  at Bayview Baptist in December 2021.  We have had a hand in starting 6 churches and helping others that were struggling.

Most of my Bible knowledge i received at my kitchen table and traveling with some very wise preachers.

Please join us for church this Sunday.  There will be great singing and we'll spend time digging into God's Book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Pastor Larry Gibbs


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